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A Life of Miracles

Peter July 29, 2021
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A Life of Miracles

The Christian life should be the most exciting life of all! 

Are you experiencing life to the fullest?  God intends that we experience a life of miracles, big and small.  However, to do so, we need to unpack the toolbelt of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  God has sent us into the world to preach the gospel of His Kingdom, and He will powerfully anoint us and equip us to for that task!  And we can have fun doing it! 

 Are you ready to learn about God’s plan for miracles in your life? 

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Is this life for you?

Living a life of miracles is not only exciting, but it draws unbelievers to faith.  It’s not unachievable, because it is happening in many places around the globe, such as China.  It’s not asking too much but should be the normal Christian life. 

Test yourself:

What is a practical cessationist?

Someone whose lifestyle is devoid of expectation for miracles

Cessationists believe miracles ceased when the church adopted the New Testament canon, and the early apostles died. Pentecostals and Charismatics don’t agree, but if our lifestyle is devoid of this, should we question if we are indeed ‘practical Cessationists'?

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    Answer ONE of the following in paragraph form:

    1. Has the absence of miracles become your default in life? What would it take for you to experience a life of miracles?
    2. Peter suggested that even if we believe miracles have not ceased in our day, if our lifestyle is devoid of miracles, perhaps we should question if we are indeed “practical Cessationists.” Do you agree? Or are there biblical reasons why believing Christians might not experience miracles?
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