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ECO exists to connect excellent teachers with hungry students with content that will transform your life, ministry, and relationship with Christ.


ECO provides online pentecostal education, spiritual formation, ministry skills, and leadership development to church leaders, volunteers, and disciple-makers in your local context.  Be empowered to advance your life and ministry.


ECO exists for people already engaged in ministry, family, or career and who cannot attend our on-site program. We know you desire quality online pentecostal education but need flexibility and training that fits in your life. We are here for you.

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Important Q&A to help you make a great choice

Currently, ECO courses are not accredited with the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE). But we are working on it.

All our courses have been designed as 1-credit classes according to the standards for higher education set out by ABHE. Our intention is to offer courses through ECO in the future that will upgrade the 1-credit courses to full 3-credit courses within the next 1-2 years. However, we do plan to charge normal college tuition rates for 3-credit courses, so an upgrade fee and additional assignments will need to be completed in order to attain accredited college credits.

In the meantime, if you complete any of these courses according to the standards laid out in the syllabus (found in the first lesson of every course), it is possible that your effort will be counted towards college level credit in the future. 

ECO is a partnership between Eston College and the Apostolic Church of Pentecost (ACOP). For this reason, all ECO courses come from teachers credentialed with ACOP and who have experience/expertise in their subject matter, or are employed by Eston College (faculty). Read the ACOP’s statement of faith here. 

Since ECO is a partnership between Eston College and ACOP, the curriculum is designed to promote a pentecostal, hermeneutic/worldview in alignment with ACOP’s statement of faith. This does not mean that all ECO teachers will teach the same thing about every subject. Rather, we believe in theological diversity on non-essentials and are willing to partner with teachers who are willing to support ACOP’s statement of faith.  

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