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Why Would Anybody Want to Speak in Tongues?

Peter July 29, 2021
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Why Tongues?

Why would anybody want to speak in tongues?

Did you ever wonder why anyone would want to speak in tongues?  When you think of it, it’s pretty strange, even weird.  You don’t even know what you’re saying!  Yet there are some amazing benefits to this gift! 

It’s definitely not to be underestimated!  

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Question for emphasis?

According to the Apostle Paul, there is value in the quantity of time and amount that we speak in tongues.  He was glad he spoke in tongues more than others!  How much do you value your prayer language? 

You may take a daily multivitamin, but do you pray in tongues daily?  What might you be missing from your spiritual diet? 

Test yourself:

What is an argument for why God wants every believer to speak in tongues?


It's His gift to empower, strengthen and encourage every believer and He would not discriminate in His sharing of that gift.

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    Reflect on these questions and answer in the discussion.

    How much do you value your prayer language? How would you like to grow in this gift?

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