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Understanding the New Testament World

Jen June 25, 2021
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Understanding the New Testament World

How do we get from the Old Testament to the New? What happened in between?

Remember how in the first video of this course we talked about the New Testament as history, literature and theology? Taking the New Testament seriously as history means learning about the historical context. We need to fill in the gaps in our knowledge that separate our world from the world of the first century. One of the biggest gaps is what happens between the Old and New Testaments. At the end of the Old Testament, Persia is the superpower, but at the start of the New Testament, Rome is. How did that happen?

Hold on tight! Get ready for 400 years in a video!

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Between the testaments was four centuries of action. A lot of stuff went down. Knowing a bit of this history will help us understand what life was like at the time of the New Testament and will help us make sense of some of the issues the New Testament addresses.

Living under Roman Rule

Now that we know the story of empires from Persia to Rome, let’s delve into the New Testament world. 

What was it like to live under Roman Rule? 

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Peace on Earth?

The “Peace of Rome” was both a blessing and a curse. The propaganda of emperor worship was widespread in a world. How did the Jewish people react? We’ll explore that question in our next videos.

Test yourself:

What is Hellenization?


The active (and sometimes aggressive) spreading of Greek culture, including literature, art, language, and philosophy.

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    Read and respond to the following questions:

    1. Did anything in these videos help you make better sense of a New Testament passage?
    2. What passage do you understand better and how?  
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