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Nikolas December 15, 2021
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James: Living Our Faith


Do you know how to sum up the book of James in one sentence?

James is not just about hearing the word of God, but fostering an active, loving, whole-hearted Christian life in response to the word of God. 

Our course will explore the overall structure, literary and background features of the book. We will engage in a thoughtful exposition of the text in full, focusing on main themes, key verses and issues of interpretation, with an aim toward personal application, reflection and transformation for life.

In this first video, you will meet your teacher, Nikolas, who will introduce the book of James and walk through the student outcomes for this course.

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Hearers not just Doers

James challenges believers to not simply be hearers of the word, but doers.  What we hear about God should translate into how we live our lives in response to the Gospel!

What will I learn ?

Course Objectives

Primary Learning Outcomes – After completing this course you will…

  • Be transformed by the Spirit of God through the Word of God in your walk with Christ.
  • Understand the overall structure, genre, thought development and content of James.

Head (Cognitive) – After completing this course you will…

  • Understand the literary features of James.
  • Consider the book’s audience, genre and question of authorship.
  • Grasp the main themes and teaching points of the book.

Heart (Affective) – After completing this course you will…

  • Consider the power of your words in community (3:1-12). 
  • Assess your own tendencies to show favouritism (2:1-13).
  • Be encouraged to pursue a vibrant life of prayer (5:13-18).

Hands (Conative) – After completing this course you will…

  • Learn resilience for facing trials (1:2-18). 
  • Be challenged regarding your practical Christian living (1:19-27). 
  • Grow a more integrated life of faith and love (2:14-26).

Course Ingredients

The course consists of: 

5 lessons

Up to 5 hours of video content

Interaction with several learning activities/quizzes

Requires completion of 1-2 assignments
(For credentialing with ACOP or for
Eston College’s future accreditation of online learning)

Some of the suggested books for this course will be available on Scribd. 
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